Saturday, February 15, 2014


Finally retired on July 6, 2013. I worked till I was 71 1/2, but the time to go was sudden. I did give 6 weeks notice, but I got the idea it was not enough time. Anyway, Ill try to post a picture or two.

 This speaks for itself! Half yellow & half german chocolate.
 Andy, Me & Jeremy I was very happy they were able to come.
 Bob's dad. Jeremy looks a little bored. LOL
  Bob, me & Regina, good friends. His chili is great!
 I worked with Pat several years in medical records.
 Director of nursing reads the letter all about what I could do in my retirement.
My boss Laura presents the gift (that I had picked out! LOL)

So now I have been away for 8 months. It took a while to get used to having To be somewhere at the same time when I worked. Of course, I still have some of that, Keeping doctor appointments! I have been reading fiction, action thrillers! I can be caught at the library with my bag of books, either bring them back or going out with a new batch. I also ordered a new book for myself, "Journey to Alpha Centauri" . Its the new book by Michael D O'Brien. The library here does not have any of his books. I was surprised by that. A good Catholic can see the underlying religious theme, but most people would never see it. I finished the 4 books I got at the library last week & started Journey yesterday, I forgot to look at the number of pages, but I think it will meet or even go beyond his last 3 books which all had close to 1000 pages. This one will take me a week. This part of retirement I love!
More for another day.

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